People I've Met Along the Way
These are people who I have met
and with whom I have shared a bit more
than passing conversations. 

Some ....

   are my teachers.
   are my dear friends. 
   have shared some really good times.
   have shared good conversations.
   have shared some really magical music.
  are all the above.
  will know me by name.
  would know me  if they saw me.
  may only have a vague recollection of me
     but I remember them and what we shared.
All are good people.  

As I do this I am realizing
have met a lot of  people in my life.
Interesting World!
Adam Stemple
Alan Rowoth
Andrea Dale
Andrew Calhoun
Becca Leathers
Ben Sures
Bill Ilses
Bill Nash
Bill & Brenda Sutton
Bill  & Gretchen Roper
Boiled in Lead
Charles DeLint
Chas Somdahl
Christopher Williams
Dale Warland
Dandelion Wine
Dar Williams
Dave Clement
DavE Romm
David Hanners
Deb Mueller
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Elise Matthesen
Elizabeth Bear
Ellis Paul
Emma Bull
Eric Coleman
Eric Eigel
Erin McKee
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Maggie Simpson
Mary Dell
Marissa Lingen
Mary Ellen Wessels
Mike Metheny
Michael Monroe
Nate Bucklin
Neil Dimick
Patrick Power
Penny Lang
Peter Mayer
Phil Heywood
Rebecca Folsom
Richard Tatge
Sam Baardman
Sarah Monette
Scott Keever
Scott Mars
Spider John Koerner
Steven Brust
Steve Macdonald
Susan Champeny
Talis Kimberly
Todd Menton
Tom Jeffers
Trisha Alexander
Vance Gilbert
Wendy Vickers
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Okay so you that know me well know that I am miserable at remembering names. 

If your name showed up here, it was that I either see you often or had some other mnemonic device.

If I missed you,  please
contact me, give me your website and jog my memory by letting me know where I met you.
Ginkgo Coffeehouse
Folk Alliance Region Midwest
Performing Songwriter
Planet Bluegrass
Elderly Instruments
Graham Leathers
Jane Yolen
Jay Howlett
Jere Stormer
Jo Seraperra
Jodi Krangle
John Alexander
Judith-Kate Friedman
Justin Roth
Karl Burke
Kara Dalkey
Karen Mueller
Karen Osbourne
Kathy Mar
Kellie Lin Knott
Kevin Dooley
Kym Tuvim
Laramie Sasseville
Lojo Russo
Lucy Kaplanski