Midnight Hair

I long to run my fingers

   through your midnight hair

I long to touch your body

   in ways that I don't dare

And it's all a matter of confidence

   and a certain flair

To find my way into your heart

   into your golden lair


I think that you are special

Oh, I think that you are keen

I think that you are something

   that really must be seen

And if you would take a moment

   just to look this way awhile

You'll see it all reflected

   in a glimmer of a smile


And if you'd approach me ,

   oh, I fear I'd loose repose

Especially if you're carrying

   one long stem rose

For I know that I have confidence

   and I know that I have flair

But when it really comes down to it,

   will you really care




© 1989 Peggy O’Neill   All Rights Reserved